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More than a month after his arrival at Santos, striker Bryan Angulo spoke to the media for the first time, Tuesday morning, on CT Rei Pelé. Due to Peixe’s tight schedule, the club could not make an Ecuadorian announcement.

Angulo has already played nine games with the Santos jersey, with three goals scored. He says he has switched to Brazilian football.

– Welcome everyone. I have no problem changing because they welcome me well. At the site, I demonstrate what I need to demonstrate. I come from a very competitive football field. I have learned and it does not cost me a change. That is very important.

The Ecuadorian striker also spoke highly of the importance of coach Fabián Bustos for his arrival at Santos. The player says his venture at Peixe could put him in the Ecuadorian team for the World Cup.

– Bustos is important to support me, to be able to come to Brazilian football and help Santos a lot. I want to compete and be able to go to the World Cup.

Bryan Angulo during a press conference at CT Rei Pelé, in Santos – Photo: Bruno Gutierrez

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Brazilian football compared to Ecuador and Mexico

– Excellent competition. In Mexico football, it is also very difficult, but here they play a lot, the team plays very well.

– I understand Portuguese a little, more or less change it (laughs). I know more or less. I know the colors. And we live together, brothers!

– We need to focus on ourselves. Decision making problems have nothing to do with it. We have to play and be able to solve this challenge.

What do you think about Brazilian football?

– I do not know if you will believe it, but since I was a child, I have always wanted to play Brazilian football. Even more in a team like Santos, there is more history. I am here to achieve goals and groups.

posture of the Christians at home and out

– This should work, so we turn the team home and go. We will work to improve. Santos improvements are real.

Any job you enjoy playing and relationships with Marcos Leonardo

– I always play with all nine, but I can also play as an athlete, with a team. I express myself as 9 myself. Relationships with Marcos Leonardo and with everyone. I am always with everyone.

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