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Defender announces himself on social media

By: Saint’Clair Silva

Defender Anderson Conceição changed when he published an article praising Vasco and the fans’ love for the club. The self-confessed Vasco captain tried to explain Gigante’s feelings and thanked his father, “Thank you for making me cry for making me Vasco with my heart and soul.”

Vasco fans have taken players of the current squad towards the A series. The efforts of the cruzmaltina team are recognized by the opponents and primarily by the players. Among the athletes, there are those who are a little more than a fan. This is the case of Anderson Conceição and Yuri Lara.

Both of these were part of the defensive pillar that sustained Vasco’s instability in these twelve matches and thus fell in a special way in the grace of the fans. All intimacy was reciprocated through the defender’s social media posts.

“A lot of people say they’s Vasco from the cradle. Others learn to love Vasco. But the fact that Vasco comes from another life is from another era. When Vasco is feeling it, it’s lovely. Feel your body bounce. ” The captain began to speak.

“Becoming Vasco from the very first seconds of its history is against discrimination against those who despise the less fortunate or those who think differently,” he said. Being Vasco is really against everything and everyone. Becoming Vasco does not mean that love is impatient and uncontrollable. “

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Such struggles have been encountered in previous matches. Banners that included the words “Respect, Equality and Inclusion” were vetoed by the Maracanã Coalition, who did not expect supporters to take office and create their own way of spreading the symbolic phrase.

This crowd that attracted praise from Conceição

“You are playing with Vasco’s soul with Vasco’s heart. You are writing another chapter in the history of what SER VASCO is all about! They are embracing blood, sweat, tears, soul and heart. “Vasco residents who have been in love for many years, but we have never given up on them.” For support

“Thank you for everything you are doing and will continue to do. Thank you for everything and do not forget it is not about the club, it is about BEING VASCO! ”

In addition to the fans, another figure is important for all this gratitude: the late father of the defender. According to Anderson, he was responsible for instilling a desire for Vasco.

“Thank you, father. Where are you, it makes me cry because it makes me Vasco with all my heart! ”

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