Anapolino couple who met by chance and built a beautiful love story

Valentine’s Day is approaching and the date brings a sense of romance. The heart of the Anápolis couple is getting stronger in anticipation of Sunday (12) and of course most of the plans are outlined.

At school, college, shopping mall, gym. Reunion with loved ones is not the right place, less than the due date will happen, but then the joy is overflowing.

The journey of each couple so far is unique. Problems, disagreements, tears, passions, passions, insights, and more importantly, love are what unite a couple. Portal 6.

From school to seat

Delcio and Isabelle have been married for three years and today share their love for each other with their two adopted children. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Anyone who thinks that high school just wants to be single is wrong.

In a similar script for the romantic film, Delcio Felipe de Souza and Isabelle Nunes meet in Colégio São Francisco and soon fall in love. .

In conversation with Portal 6Delcio said he first met his girlfriend in November 2011, a month after returning from the United States, where he had lived most of his life.

In March 2012, the long-awaited proposal came in front of a video store. Nearly seven years later, they were married and have been in this new phase for three years, with two animals. Their feeding.

According to Isabelle, with the rush of daily life and the constant presence of a romantic partner, it will decrease over time. However, he stated that special dates serve specifically to rekindle love.

Over time, Valentine’s Day celebrations become more unique for couples who choose to switch out to order food at home and enjoy more time together.

Love with flowers

Samuel and Lis Raquel have been living together since 2017. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Also united by academic life, Samuel Rebouças and Lis Raquel do Nascimento met on the campus corridors and connected by sharing friends.

After a brief encounter at college, Samuel arose with courage and decided to chat with the plaintiff on Facebook.

Conversation to conversation came the two decided to arrange their first date. In it, the long-awaited first kiss happened and brought the bird closer.

The couple reports that things are evolving rapidly and dramatically. Even before the wedding, the two were already living together.

In June 2017, the big day arrived. They booked a trip to Pirenópolis and it was there with a romantic and heartfelt proposal that they officially started dating.

“He asked me to make an appointment on a bridge on the trail. He gave me a small flower from Cerrado that he picked up on the way. I thought it was lovely. “Since then, we have been dating, living together and very happy.”

Among the beautiful declarations of love, the couple says that over the years, the celebration of Valentine’s Day has been Changes, even love, affect the relationship because they are both mature.

“We have changed a lot and also the definition of our emotions. In short, we always try to please each other, whether traveling or just sleeping together watching movies at home.

What Crossfit Unites, Nothing Separate

When they say that love can appear anywhere, it’s not dangerous. That’s what happened to Simon Rodrigues and Nabila Santos, who met and fell in love during a tennis match.

“On the second day we met by chance. After a casual conversation, we looked at each other until the end of the event when my current wife found me holding an air conditioner. Two in hand and kissed my ass. Portal 6.

“Aaah, our story … it’s something to say, but it seems like it’s all written. We’ve never met before, but the desire “Our general passion for sports has brought us together casually and beautifully.”

From the beginning of the relationship, the passion was born in both of your hearts, but the relationship has not yet been determined. Until Valentine’s Day 2019, Simon prepared a special dinner for his loved one and asked her out on a date. Conquest is, they say, “through the belly.”

“Valentine’s Day is a remarkable and special day for us. We had a wonderful night with a great man who did not want to leave the other side,” the obsessed recalled.

The couple graduated on the most romantic date of the year, and with that, the date is always celebrated the way they started with a delicious dinner.

Today is married and the couple is now living with a puppy. There is also a small baby on the street wishing to be born and making the love of the family overflow.

United by ‘Frifas’

Matheus and Bruno have been together for eight months but have been dating for five years. (Photo: Personal Archive)

In the modern world, of course, online dating is becoming more and more common. This is the case with 27-year-old Matheus de Araújo and 20-year-old Bruno Barreto.

They met because of a popular game. “I always play a lot of Free Fire. And he did. One day I posted on Instagram that I needed someone to fill the team. “He did not follow me, but he showed up and we started talking.” Matheus says.

After the first contact, the two began talking and dating. “A little flirting here, another there, and it’s over,” he joked.

Relationships are getting more tense and the worst step has come to Christmas. Bruno invited his partner to the family Christmas party.

“After dinner, he told me some things and asked me to go out on an appointment. I replied, ‘Absolutely!’ “It was a bit surprising because he was closer than I was.”

Together for eight months, they will have their first Valentine’s Day as a couple. The project has not been set yet, but both want to set a date.

“We want to do something, go out to dinner and have our own day. We still do not know where, but we will do it, ”Matheus said.

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