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The Corinthians fans have the design of multiple teams competing in mind. Names and positions from 1 to 11, with one or more repositories. But Vítor Pereira’s Corinthians looks like it will not be marked by the interpretation of the bars. And maybe not even tactical systems.

The concept is widely used by trainers in Portugal and now it is beginning to be discussed is the research team “transformer”, capable of acting in more than one way. Something that will only work well with more and more work time.

In front of Portuguesa-RJ, this Wednesday, for the Copa do Brasil, it was already thought that Timão would have another option in the game that hit the venue in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. 2-0 win over Lusa, at home, no difficulty. But VP, once again, was surprised.

Vítor Pereira in Corinthians vs Portuguesa-RJ – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Usually scaled in a row of four, but placed themselves with one of three (or five) in the course of play, Corinthians this time started out with three defenders : Robson Bambu, João Victor and Fábio Santos, left-back from whom to become. the guard. A 3-4-3, as the trainer defines it.

One of the reasons is the lack of right: Fagner and João Pedro injured, when Rafael Ramos will start against Inter, on Saturday, for Brasileirão. Change grievances, solutions.

Gustavo Mosquito, front, on the right, performs against Lucas Piton, left. Acute players, which supports a lot of attacks. On the right, by the way, Mosquito was free to replace the position with Adson at the time, when the team closed.

Best time: Corinthians 2 x 0 Portuguesa-RJ for third stage of Copa do Brasil

Best time: Corinthians 2 x 0 Portuguesa-RJ for third stage of Copa do Brasil

Corinthians still have Maycon and Roni in the middle, with Giuliano, Adson and Júnior Moraes in contention. With aggression and fearlessness, Timão made it 2-0 quiet, with goals from Moraes (his first with a white shirt!) And others from Giuliano, on the night stand. very high.

In a press conference, Vítor Pereira explained that there is a special game plan, which is to target the opponent when the ball falls. And that, from game to game, there are some changes in the role of every player. In this interview with journalists, a statement represents:

– We need to improve players’ understanding of the game, including the tactical culture, which allows us to differentiate the system and they give us answers – he said.

Giuliano goal in Corinthians vs Portuguesa-RJ – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Vítor makes it clear that, in addition to research success, there will be a background in his work for improving his players. Good luck to the kids, which has been a long time coming.

Qualified in the Copa do Brasil, the current Corinthians manager has a tough time: he meets Internacional at Beira-Rio on Saturday, then travels to Argentina to capture the Boca Juniors at Bombonera, and on Tuesday, when he returns , it is a classic game. against São Paulo in the Arena on Sunday, defending the ban against losing to their opponents at the Neo Química Arena.

There will be days of exchanges, “administration”, changes in competition and, perhaps, more news. Vítor Pereira’s Corinthians is “unknown”. And that word began to sound better and better in the ears of Corinthians fans.

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