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Flamengo were unbeaten in the 2-2 draw with Ceará. It started well in two stages, though no time has clear dominance against a lower contender in Castelão.

different team in connection with the packaging against Botafogo, in which it offers a lot of competition. However, he repeats the way he lost points: in a new decision by Hugo Souzawho was living his worst season at the club since his career, in 2020. A goal confirmed during the attack was smashed all the way through Flamengo (see below).

Hugo Souza failed several times for Flamengo in 2022; Paulo Sousa, in the background, banked it – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

At 45 minutes from the 2nd half - Nino Paraíba made Ceará a free-kick against Flamengo

At 45 minutes from the 2nd half – Nino Paraíba made Ceará a free-kick against Flamengo

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Mistakes by Hugo and picks by Paulo Sousa

It is unfair to put in an athlete only because, as mentioned before, Flamengo did not hit Ceará, a candidate who has given a lot of space throughout the game. But Hugo already has four unfulfilled decisions in 2022.

Forget in the original classic, in the goal of Arias in the win from 1 to 0 for Fluminense. In the Supercup, he missed a goal from Nacho Fernández when he flattened Guilherme Arana kick. Last week, he kicked out of Botafogo, Erison. And now, this Saturday, he has set himself free and made a wrong decision in a lawsuit by Nino Paraíba far away.

Best time: Ceará 2 x 2 Flamengo, for the 6th round of Brasileirão 2022

Best time: Ceará 2 x 2 Flamengo, for the 6th round of Brasileirão 2022

Paulo Sousa and Paulo Grilo, coaches, were also part of the charge. Although they want to be honest with the athlete they have been challenging since the start of the season, the negatives and grievances he sees behind them may be worth considering more. , even to keep it. Against Botafogo, for example last week, he missed twice in the easy pack after targeting alvinegro.

It is true that specifically for this game with Ceará there is no other decision since Santos and Diego Alves do not have. Putting young Matheus Cunha in would be a new mistake, but Hugo made a mistake not a new one.

The choice of turning Santos into an athlete and Hugo holding on to the Brazilian proved otherwise. This, of course, was determined before the former athlete suffered an injury to the 2nd quadriceps of his left thigh. The point is that Santos, with his recent call for Choice, has proved safe in four games for Flamengo. Hugo can not cross the same tranquility.

The game: one person hits and forgets 2-2 well

Flamengo has been in Arrascaeta more than ever since. In addition to the two teams in the equipment, he excels in combat when his legs. Although he is a particularly creative player, he completed as the third greatest disarmament (four of all), after only midfielder João Gomes (five) and attacking midfielder Lima. (for).

Willian Arão as another key as a starting point for two goals has been scored, more so in the case of the athlete, whose main role is not to score goals. but competitors. Well, Arão gives fluidity to the ball and controls for most of the games played in line with João Gomes, which is once again true in combat.

In the second half, Arão was tired and missed some crossings he was not used to – there were nine in all – but nothing affected how much he made a difference. when it is in one piece. He was almost put in the flinch near the area, but Gomes cleared his throat.

If the personalities of the three people mentioned above have helped, then also one mistake – and by many – that of other players doing the wrong thing for Flamengo does not win. Although Hugo, who could have put his goal in the first goal, has already spoken of weakness, the other players clash a lot.

Isla Childishly hands over gold

Isla made a bigger mistake than Hugo’s. The difference is that it was done in the middle of the first half and not in stoppage time. Zé Roberto stopped with a vicious attack in the middle circle and, instead of using the World Cup experience and heights of his 34 years, he turned his back on Zé Roberto, who he held. The opponent strikes fast and leaves Mendoza cold to tie.

In addition to the major uncertainties in the mission, the Chilean lost the easy pass of defense and almost sent others at the start of the final stages. After the game, Paulo Sousa explained that he removed it due to physical problems and not due to various mistakes.

Everton Ribeiro, who have grown up, shot many of Flamengo’s offense against the referee. If we stick to the numbers, it can be seen that it is 91% beyond the truth. But the truth is that it’s hard for some of the games he gets into with freedom, changing leadership or choosing for friends who are not in the best position.

On the defensive side, Ayrton Lucas joined the rebels and suffered with Mendoza. After chasing them too much, he was suspended with a yellow card and at the end of the first half he had to avoid Erick offense in success to escape relegation. Luckily, Willian Arão stopped him with a jolt at the entrance of the area. Paulo Sousa did not think twice and drew Ayrton at half time.

Ayrton Lucas, from Flamengo, performs against Ceará – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

A partial change is explained

Paulo Sousa’s move has been questioned, especially in relation to the choice of Matheuzinho, right-back to replace Ayrton left. Knowing he was wrong, he took Marcos Paulo from Isla and sent Matheuzinho back to his old job.

At the press conference, Paulo was not questioned and, perhaps for that reason, he explained why he improvised Matheuzinho. But it speaks of three other error changes. I do not want to take David Luiz, Bruno Henrique or Isla. It is important to put fresh oil in the middle.

– We are forced to change three things we do not want. Bruno Henrique had to leave, David in the half time already had conditions that did not allow him to give his maximum and Isla herself, who, close to me, told me that he was in a debilitated conditions – Paulo Sousa, who added:

– We have decided to improve our environment to have more control because we lost. We had a start in the transition, but we lost control of the game.

Ceará to the top of the Flamengo

With forced move or not found Arrascaeta, Flamengo, as Paulo Sousa said, lost control of the game and was shut down. As he defended well, he suffered a bit, but he did not go out to try to kill the game.

By being in their field for a very long time, opportunities came, and Ceará got the right mark for another Hugo Souza failure.

Gabigol is missing, as much as we do not mention it here, but it is rarely used. The proof of this is that it leaves a lot of territory and even occurs in the waste that Bruno Henrique did not take advantage of. Paulo Sousa was saddened by the news conference the fact that BH did not make a move on Arrascaeta’s rivalry and Gabi’s long road.

Valeria even tried Pedro for a change of character and with Flamengo less at the end of the game. But, despite the confusion, in addition to the publication for Bruno, Gabigol was fined for negligence by conviction and VAR. At Central do Apito, Sandro Meira Ricci said Richardson was guilty.

The controversy led to a new setback as a self-made mistake and from a football that was still controversial because the coach was responsible for confirming that Flamengo would have another filter. tiam.

Protests against Rodolfo Landim politics and pro-democracy groups have become a reality in every corner of the country, and, according to the temperature of the networks, this will continue to Maracanã next Tuesday.

No games at the stadium since the 20th, the hope is that the team will enter the area to secure their place in the match of the 16 Libertadores, against the Universidad Católica, in many hearts.

More than just hitting a lower opponent, it needs to be adjusted. On and off site.

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