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For Brazilians with expertise in innovation, technology and the environment have shared their experiences in NFT. The concept of Preservaland, discovered in the American market by partners such as Maurício Benvenutti (StartSe and ex-XP), serial entrepreneur Guilherme Santana and environmental expert Caio Martinelli, is to the middle origin and trade of ESG tokens – that is, to reach. the owners of the land with the area of ​​the forest declared reserved for investors.

These could be companies that would include the volume of carbon sequestration in their ESG data, for example, or individuals, who could be commercialized in the secondary industry.

“On the one hand, there is a global interest in conserving the environment but lacking access to the Brazilian economy due to issues such as currency exchange, legislation. On the other hand, The demand for cryptocurrencies is good in cross-border operations, ”said Santana, CEO of the company. “By putting these two endings together, we make it possible for an individual or company to invest in the preservation of Brazilian forest by NFTs.”

Benvenutti, Santana, Thomaz, Hansel and Martinelli want NFT ESG scores – Image: Share

Without conflict with restrictions on foreign investment in the land in the country, NFT represents part of the development in that region, and not heritage. The NFT holder right up to half of this space creates potential layers – such as carbon sequestration.

“In Campinas, for example, if the owner keeps the spring of his land, he gets a discount from IPTU. There are many programs that have started to explain and that can generate some money has come to this rescue service “, said Martinelli. “We have to keep in mind that there are a lot of costs involved, including security, information, fences, tariffs, which makes it difficult for landowners to allocate reserves.”

Preservaland started with 100 hectares and today it covers over 2,000 hectares in Serra da Bocaina and already has prospecting in Vale do Ribeira and Vale do Paraíba. The goal is to reach 5 million hectares. Whoever buys the token can monitor the specific area of ​​their cell phone, monitored by satellite.

An Embrapa survey is used as an application for a fair amount of funding for forest conservation, identifying more than 400 different areas, subregions and biomes. This amount ranges from R $ 5,000 to R $ 30,000 per hectare – in Bocaina, it goes beyond the roof.

At Preservaland, Santiago Thomaz, Roberto Santacroce and Gustavo Hansel complete the sextet of partners. The NFTs platform is traded through the OpenSea platform and requires access to the Coinbase and FTX platforms.

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