AMD Zen4 can see up to 24% improvement in one-cycle instructions compared to AMD Zen3

This is supposed to be the greatest of the Ryzen generation

AMD has upgraded every new generation of Ryzen CPUs. And according to data from the capital of Moore Legal is Death (MLID) channel, the best known, with the arrival of the Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 “Raphael”, the jump performance will be the greatest of all. Up to 24% performance increase in IPC feel compared to the current Zen 3 architecture.

The channel said that the instruction-per-circuit (IPC) performance of Zen 4 CPUs should be the highest with a 24% increase. Even bigger difference between the Zen 3 and Zen2, which reaches around 19%. With higher IPC and clock, the single thread performance will increase 28-37%.

Previous rumors, though recently, introduced clocks at 5.2 GHz on 8-core and 16-thread CPUs of the “Raphael” generation, which would increase by 10% compared to the Ryzen 7 5800X, processor with the same cores. configuration and threads. Illegal data from MLID channel introduced to a up to 14%.

Regarding support performance with multiple cores, which obviously should occur, no details are specified by the channel.

– Continued after announcement –

MLID channel information support supported with Zen 4

  • 5-24% IPC increase (over Zen 3)
  • 8-14% clock support (compatible with Zen 3)
  • 28-37% single thread performance increase (over Zen 3)
  • More good news support (over Zen 3)
  • 1 MB L2 / 4 MB L3 per core (vs 512 KB / 4 MB L3 per Zen 3 core)
  • PCIe Support 5.0 (with multiple lines)
  • Support DDR5 / LPDDR5 memory (DDR5-5200 +)

The channel also deals with the status of new content and server CPUs, as well as their estimated release date. The seventh generation of AMD Ryzen “Raphael” processors is still being prepared for the second half of this year. Engineering models have been tested and final product design should start soon.

AMD EPYC Genoa 7004 CPUs are slated for the last quarter of this year, now beyond test time. For the first half of the year, Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range, Ryzen 7000 Phoenix and Threadripper 7000 Storm Peak are needed.


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