Amazon Fire Chief Tied to Unionized Staten Island Warehouse

After Amazon staff at the Staten Island department store scores dissatisfaction with the organization’s competition last month, it has replaced the organization’s leaders as celebrities. clear, sending complaints from general work and causing governments across the country to strike after Amazon employees. Now it also seems to have created a drop in Amazon’s management level.

On Thursday, Amazon announced that more than half of the top ten executives involved in the Staten Island warehouse that they had been fired, said four current and former employees were aware of the incident. layer, which was expressed anonymously out of fear of retaliation.

The protest, which took place outside the company’s regular employee recruitment center, was seen by executives and other employees of the office in response to the victory by Amazon Labor. Union, three of those said. The staff of the museum voted from the general to form the first organization of the company in the United States, in a major victory for the cooperative work for at least a generation.

Word of the co-up spread through the museum on Thursday. Many executives have been responsible for making the company the answer to the merger. The couple are veterans of the company, with more than six years of experience, according to their LinkedIn profile.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. the company has pushed them too hard to meet performance goals, mostly at the expense of adequate rest. . Many also claim that pay at the museum, which starts at more than $ 18 an hour for full-time employees, is too low in New York City.

An Amazon expert said the company had changed its management after spending several weeks examining the “performance and culture” of JFK8, the company. the name for the museum. “Part of our culture at Amazon is to continually improve, and we believe it is important to take the time to examine whether we can do the best we can we can make our team, ”said Kelly Nantel.

Leaders have said they have been fired as part of “organizational changes,” the two said. One of the people said that some of the leaders are strong actors who have just received good reviews.

The Staten Island site is Amazon’s only complete venture in New York City, and for a year now and former employees of the company formed an independent organization.

The company is facing difficulties in the election, saying the union is a force for good and that the National Labor Relations Board has been unfair to the union. And the agency is still working to control the pressure on Amazon so it will discuss the contract.

Christian Smalls, president of the Amazon Labor Union, testified on Thursday before the Senate Committee, which investigated which companies violate the law, should reject government contracts. . Mr. Smalls later attended a White House meeting with other unions where he directly asked President Biden to press Amazon to find out about his organization.

A White House spokesman said it was up to the National Labor Council to acknowledge the results of the recent election but confirmed that Mr.

Amazon says it has invested $ 300 million in security plans in 2021 alone and says it will spend more than the minimum wage with benefits such as health care clean for full-time employees when they join the company.

Company staff and consultants held more than 20 meetings each day with staff members running for office, which they sought to persuade people. working to avoid supporting the organization. The police officers mentioned the money that the organization will collect from them and mentioned the uncertainty of the interview, which they said could cause bad staff.

Labor experts say this request can lead to misunderstandings because it is very different for employees to see their pay as a result of organizational discussions. .

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