Alleged game images appear on the network

There are as many stars in the sky as there are rumors of a new Silent Hill franchise that most fans want to see more of. Apparently, a fairy tale game would be created later, due to some images of the concept appearing in the network – and quickly removed due to legal issues.

Who shared the pictures twitter is Dusk Golem, famous in the Resident Evil community. Shortly after the announcement, the insider took one type on the social network, even for the period of deactivation of your account. The right claim is enough to show the originality of the content.

first tweet – Silent Hill soils. There are many things I do not tell now. This is new to me, but I’ve got more than enough evidence to believe it. I will also mention the names “Anita and Maya” and “SMS Messages”. This is not the only game franchise in development.

second tweet – The pictures are a little dated, they are from 2020, so maybe this project looks a little different now. But I chose to show. I know many will not believe this, but I have a lot of private evidence to prove that this is true, and as always, I’m still waiting for the game to unfold.

first tweet -Right click.

second tweet – I removed the extra pictures just to avoid being banned account, but this is an improvement for sure.

Pictures of Silent Hill are currently not available on Twitter, but many netizens have seen them and posted them on Reddit. The graphics are from a 2020 release and Golem says this is not the only name in the current series in development.

The photos show a conflicted room, a red street with graffiti on the walls and a standing silhouette and a woman’s face that was partially removed with words like “I Hate myself “spread on his skin. One even bears the signature of Masahiro Ito, the creator and art director of the first Silent Hill trilogy.

It is worth mentioning: the MeuPlayStation choose not to share the knowledge in this article, due to legal issues.

Construction of Silent Hill has not been confirmed

Finally, it is important to remember that The construction of Silent Hill was not endorsed by Konami. Therefore, edit the text with some caution, even if the image has been removed due to legal reasons.

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