After saying “the club was abandoned” in a press conference, Leston Júnior was sacked by Santa Cruz

After coming out of a press conference follow Santa Cruz wins Atlético / BAfirst team in Brasileirão Serie D, coach Leston Junior He was fired do Tricolor, Sunday night (8).

The coach can interact with athletes, team members, professional directors and referees, Marcelo Insured. Leston said about that Salary balance of Tricolor, the difficulty of working in an environment as well cost union. “The club has left,” he said. Insured also fired.

In a press release around 11pm on social media, Santa Cruz has closed the departure of Leston Jr. and Marcelo Insured. “We appreciate the services provided by the professionals and wish them success in their work”, said the statement from the text.

Just an hour later, Arruda club announces new coach Marcelo Martelotte. Ze Teodoro will be the technical commander. This will be Martelotte’s fifth visit to Santa.

Leston Júnior posted on his Twitter, early Monday (9), the message that he “always do the right thing and not the easy!”. “Unemployment (from what I see on social networks, because I have not been reported by anyone), but with a clear mind. I’m still in peace!”, He published.

“The timing of the club does not match”
In a press conference, Leston Júnior reported on the current situation of Santa Cruz
who had not won a match in Série D until then and is currently in fifth place in Group 4 – only the top four to advance to the next round.

“Santa Cruz is a big part of the Northeast, of Brazilian football, but this only affects history. At the time the club was different. Let me start with one word: respect. The men are here. [jogadores, comissão e funcionários] have more respect for Santa than many people around, say they love him. Here is not a rant to claim the salaries of staff, athletes and athletes. The building is currently facing the worst times in its history, ”Leston said.

Leston also said “valuable items are missing” when referring to working conditions. “The club was abandoned. I do not say it is the responsibility of the president because he is here every day, but many say they were together, during the election, but they did not. like the club., provide conditions for the staff, with dignity.Everyone here is a family man, must pay the price. We do not machines “, added immediately this former Santa Cruz coach.

This 3x2 win over the Bahians was the first for Tricolor in Series D this year.  Please come more ...Santa Cruz wins Atlético / BA 3×2, back (Photo: Alexandre Aroeira / Folha de Pernambuco)

The trainer added that he did not want “luxury”, but “location, good food and salary”.

“If security is not received, doctors are not received, some say ‘but they are not playing’. They are just as important as the men here. We go to training and we Only six balls. Is this the biggest club Série D has ever entered? It needs to change, ‘he complained.

Dismissed and Leston, the club’s director, Marcelo Segurado, said the team suffered. death threat.

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Santa Cruz players show support for Leston Júnior after suspension


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