After being sent back to Vitória, Luan Silva will attack Palmeiras and want to return to work | soccer

Coach Luan Silva has sued Palmeiras to demand his return to the club. The 23-year-old has been on loan from Vitória to Verdão since 2019, but suffered a hamstring injury and, in March 2022, his contract with São Paulo expired and was not released. has continued.

Luan is recovering from his four knee surgery and says he is now responsible for the cost of treatment. Vitória claims that he only gets the player when he recovers perfectly.

As the connection with Palmeiras ended two months ago and Vitória rejects it under current circumstances, the strike has not been paid since then.

He was sued because he understood he had left the São Paulo club without ever returning. In the first case, the court did not issue a ruling on his reinstatement in Verdão, but proceedings are still under way.

– We have sued Palmeiras. Luan is keeping track of all the costs of the surgery, he is not getting paid. We reimburse Luan. Luan had to return to work on Palmeiras – said Luciano Cortizo, a businessman close to Luan’s family, told Mizzima.

In the referral form ua gePalmeiras replied: “This case is under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, which even rejects the decision requested by the player’s representatives. Palmeiras will not comment. more about the content and will support its defense in the judiciary “.

Luan was comforted by Gustavo Gómez when he was replaced by an injury while only playing for Palmeiras – Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag Palmeiras

Not knowing how high it would take to return to the challenge, Luan reported the outcry of the media about the incident.

“I have not been doing what I love in life for more than two years, this is not a lie. Only God knew when I came back, I was not in a hurry, to go through four very serious surgeries, I is eating.My time, patience is a virtue that I have gained over the years – published by Luan.

Palmeiras said that, about ten days before the end of the contract, Luan was carrying a battery on a trial run. The club also said that, in December last year, the athlete requested the final medical at Belo Horizonte (MG), not Football Academy.

Jewel suffered physical harm

Luan Silva has a match played by Palmeiras – Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. palm trees

Luan has always been seen at Vitória as one of the club’s best clubs. He started as a professional in 2018 after standing out in the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior. However, in 2019, physical problems began, and the first knee surgery was performed that year.

Despite Luan Silva’s physical problems, Palmeiras bet on the return of the Vitória diamond and decided to borrow in 2019. When Luan returns, the club São Paulo will buy 15% of the player rights industry for R $ 3 million.

However, in Verdão, the athlete underwent two additional knee surgeries that were already performed in 2018 and only in the field in one match. A fourth surgery was completed at the end of April, when Luan was not at the São Paulo club, but fixed a problem that occurred while he was still at the São Paulo club, according to football officials. .

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