ADVFN News | NFT Fantasy Trading Platform Sorare participates in Major League Baseball

Sorare, a football fantasy game that allows players to trade, sell, buy and manage their virtual teams with digital cards, has announced that it has partnered with Major League Baseball (MLB). .

Sorare platform is one of the largest fantasy NFT platforms and valued at $ 4.3 billion last year.

MLB will allow its players to work together with Sorare to release the first MLB NFT (free) game that will pass this summer.

NFT baseball game for many special features

As the lead MLB partner, Sorare platform will allow its fans to share and celebrate their passion for the sport. This will be the first sport Sorare has ever had in football.

Sorare co-founder and CEO Nicolas Julia says:

“MLB has been at the forefront of interactive gaming for decades, while baseball has some of the oldest and most established records of gaming memory. As digital engagement and technology evolve into the next generation, our partnership will inspire new fans and expand connectivity to American sports … And baseball has always been leader of new tools and innovations, so we are pleased that MLB and MLBPA have chosen Sorare to deliver the NFT MLB game to fans around the world. “

The MLB game will allow its fans to create the best NFT teams that represent Major League players and connect with clubs, leagues and leagues in the sport of baseball.

In addition, Sorare has been successful since the beginning by developing some of the previous experience of writing NFTs. Sorare has also developed the previous experience by combining digital tools with free games so that fans can control their preferences, with weekly and open rewards. power supplies for NFTs.

Join the fans

With the new NFT Baseball game, there is a great opportunity for the league to attract new fans around the world, as well as introduce existing baseball fans to Sorare’s other 1.8 million registered users. 185 countries.

Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. said:

“The connection we build with our fans is important and Sorare understands the importance of that contract.”

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