ADVFN News | Minecraft-linked developers promise for NFT and digital heritage

Last week, Safe Replay, which included a developer by Mojang Group, created the hit series Minecraft, declares the commitment of the responsible integration of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and digital benefits into the game.

“Sports give us hope in an increasingly uncertain world. They help us expand our creative potential and free us from real-world constraints – physical, financial or otherwise, “said Climate Replay. reports on the current state of digital assets associated with the game:

“Most NFTs, and by far the most influential digital devices, in their current state, serve a different purpose – their value is defined entirely by skepticism. and forecasting and support through inappropriate physical expenditures. “

“Therefore, it is important for the health of the global sports community, the world and the human environment to ensure that all uses of blockchain-based technologies such as NFTs occur only when they bring positive benefits to sports and their communities, ”writes. team after the game. To solve the above-mentioned problem, they say that game finance, or GameFi, the developers follow, among other things, the following instructions:

  1. Bring significant value to players [por meio de ativos digitais].
  2. It does not use unsafe equipment, resulting in environmental impact and critical.
  3. It does not embracing artificial scarcity to create speculative value.
  4. It does not rely on the lack of regulation and exchange of cryptocurrencies.
  5. It is not beneficial for early consumers or more advanced users / players.
  6. [É] highlights and raises concerns of real studio members.

It also happens that Safe Replay wants to see a major change to the current play-to-win, or P2E, model associated with GameFi. This includes changing the main purpose of these P2E games for fun. In other words, players should not earn money by playing games based on “illegal work”. Last year the popular NFT Axie Infinity game players in the countries generated more revenue than the minimum wage in their home countries.

However, players were even more frustrated with the decline in the value of the key in-game token in Axie Infinity, leading to a decline in their revenue. .

By Zhiyuan Sun.

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