Adriano Imperador explains why he canceled the photo with Adriana Belém

Rio de Janeiro – ib Former Athlete Adriano Imperador explained on Wednesday afternoon (11/5) why he removed photos with representative Adriana Belém from his interviews.

“It’s not me who took the picture of Dr. Adriana through my Instagram. It’s my consultant who is concerned, because I have to sign some contracts,”, the former Flamengo said. “He always thought he would get in the way,” he added.

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Belém was arrested during a Caligula operation, Tuesday (10/5) by the Public Ministry of Rio.

In the relationship between the two, a few pictures show the relationship they have. Adriano has been called the representative of the “grandparents” in some publications.


Who is Adriana Belém, the agent who kept R $ 1.8 million in his closet

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Adriana Belém is accused of covering gambling ventures linked to Ronnie Lessa and Rogério de Andrade. There is also evidence of money laundering against him.


On Tuesday morning, staff found R $ 1.8 million hidden in luxury bags in the closet of his home, at a luxury hotel in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio .

The delegation arrived at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday (5/11) at the Oscar Stevenson Penal Institute, in Benfica.

Vice President Marcos Cipriano was also arrested in connection with the trial. He was taken Tuesday to Bangu 8 Prison, in the Gericinó Complex, west of Rio, after a hearing on the case.

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