According to Bitcoin falters, analysts recommend 7 cryptocurrencies to watch, one of them can increase up to 10 times

Geopolitical conflicts have led to many economic conflicts and its impact can also be felt in the cryptocurrency industry. Uncertainties in the face of war in Ukraine prove with the attitude of Bitcoin price rise and fall, in the same range, reports the Transfero team of analysts.

“As mentioned, the time window appears at prices between US $ 42,700 (sale period) and US $ 37,500 (purchase time)”, pointed out analysts.


Source: TradingView

According to Transfero, the price of the asset jumped well on March 9, thanks to an announcement made by US President Joe Biden. will sign the executive order of the digital asset related to the regulation.

However, in the following days, the market reversed, eliminating all 9th ​​gains. For Transfero, the decline is due to the current geopolitical situation and rising oil pricesleading to a flow of liquidity in the short term.

According to this line, Scott Sheridan, marketing expert and CEO of tastyworks, has indicated that he will use some of the focus to focus on the cryptocurrency process for large organizations to get involved.

“When we have a clearer and more integrated market, the world of potential opens up. In the long run, cryptocurrency will play a role in finance. I believe that. I just do not know what the role will be. However, it may make good sense. “says investors have some interesting points here and, at least , understand the difference between one thing and another. “, says


In addition, Transfero added that another key issue that needs to be addressed is the increase in Tether (USDT) governance over a period of one year, indicates that investors have been cautious about the whole market and are looking for a hedge with stabilitycoins

Bitcoin uncertainty is the time for altcoins

As Bitcoin is at a time of uncertainty in its value, analyst Lucas Schoch, CEO and founder of Bitfy, has mentioned four cryptocurrencies to look out for this week as they have a player. best thing in the last 7 days.

The first cryptocurrency on the analyst list was Waves, a multi-functional blockchain platform, essentially developed by the DApps platform and smart contracts. The blockchain platform was designed to give its users the opportunity to create their own custom tokens.

Announced in 2016 with the goal of requesting improvements in the speed and ease of use of the first blockchain platforms, in 2020 it began its joint venture with the Ethereum network and released its WAVES token, according to ERC-20 standard property.

“Last week the cryptocurrency was more profitable than the others, hitting a high of 56.58%,” he said.

Second, the analyst pointed to Monero (XMR). The plan aims to achieve the highest level of decision-making possible, and by default, change the content of suppliers, beneficiaries and revenue. of cryptocurrencies is bad, which has led to XMR being used more and more for infringement.

“Monero, in the last seven days, has benefited from 7% in market capitalization,” said

Also on the list of analysts is LUNA, a native species in the Terra ecosystem, which expands the growth of the time when other cryptos melt. The token could become unreliable in the long run due to asset fire for UST support, and it has become a hot topic in recent updates. to.

“Last week, the cryptocurrency has appreciated about 12% increase, and still this month due to the growth of its ecosystem, such as the inclusion of the above-mentioned funds. in the loan and its products sponsored by the Anchor Protocol, which holds. 70% of active tokens, “he said.

At the end of the lineup of analysts is the Proximity Process, developed by entrepreneur Erik Trautman, NEAR has a large team of competitive designers and hot workers. at ICPC, International Collegiate Programming Contest.

The project is a first-tier blockchain, which aims to streamline the process under itself to make the whole process more robust, eliminating some of the constraints such as low cost low, too low, and poorly impacted.

“NEAR also develops unique solutions for problem measurement and has its own so-called recommendations that represent the principles of blockchain authentication, called” Doomslug “, and in the last seven days assets have enjoyed a high of almost 2.%.”, Concludes


Analyst Andrey Nousi, CEO of Nousi Financial, also believes that the potential of LUNA, which in December last year alone increased by more than 60%. Another cryptocurrency on the analyst list is Cosmos, which enables communication between different networks.

“A lot of networks have been designed to use this tool, which makes it possible for TERRA network to collaborate with others, collaboratively, which is one of the big things I believe for years. 2022. It can also complete between 5 and 10 thousand transactions per second. And join other networks such as Ethereum and Solana, which are interesting to raise money from other networks, in addition to to focus on developing DeFi, Web 3.0 and NFTs protocols ”, said.

Also on Nousi list is CRO, by, one of the largest exchanges in the world. The token has been increasingly supported by highly traded exchanges. has benefited more after becoming a sponsor of the UFC, Formula 1 and later buying the title right to the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers and NBA Clippers, for the next 20 years. around 20 years. US $ 700 million.

“In addition, has a debit card that offers customers up to 8% cashback. For this, it is required to leave the CRO involved. The exchange has also been announced. More recently, like Binance, the announcement of the personal blockchain. ” , he said.

Also on the list of analysts is KADENA (KDA), a small coin with a market capitalization of 2 billion dollars. He has a very strong team of programmers behind him and allows him to work on 480,000 conversions per second. It has very large scalability without power consumption.

“I think it can grow up to 10 times this year,” he said.

The last cryptocurrency on the expert list is SAND, the ERC-20 token made on the Ethereum blockchain and always on the Sandbox. It is used to trade in the sandbox ecosystem and on the radar of potential investors, because it is part of the metaverse world, where more and more large companies enter. .

“The interesting fact about it is that users can create their own NFTs in its metaverse world and market, which is a market expense for traders. As it is regulated token, holders can also vote for changes on the platform “, concludes.

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