A Journey in the History of the Garantido Cow told by Zezinho Faria

Entering the home and being greeted by this particular character in Parintins is like getting into the historical past of the Garantido cow at each step that photojournalist Gilson Mello and I took as we entered and entered. In the previous, full of tales. Whether in the kind of pictures, objects, environmental settings and of course the cowhide cloth from the Centenary of Red bumbá.

Zezinho Faria opened the door of his home for a dialog lasting nearly an hour this Monday afternoon (20/06). The vibrant glow in his eyes, the method in which he expressed himself, and the firmness in his voice made the tone of his ardour for boi-bumbá assured over 50 years of intimate relationships. Holy with cows and plenty of issues to inform worthy. Production of nice literary works. And sitting on the sofa in entrance of the authentic Centenario cow, he remembers the many occasions he lived behind the scenes in Garantido.

Paulinho Faria’s brother, who died final 12 months consequently of the Covid-19 incident, Zezinho praised the genius of “Garotinho de Ouro” devoted to boi Garantido for 26 years as he led the presentation of bumbá at the ceremony Festival.

Paulinho was the first cow host at the age of 15 when the stuff wasn’t even there. But Zezinho, sadly for the time being enjoying with the cows, was already trapped in the Faria household and reported on some of his experiences.

“In the previous, there was a JAC (Juventude Alegre Católica) folks presenter who referred to as the cow to start out his presentation. And since then, the one who took the microphone was Amo by Garantido João Batista Monteverde. “Paulinho got here in the center and requested to name Garantido. And he had no issue performing this presentation at the competition.”

(Photo: Gilson Mello / Freelancer)

With his mushy voice, Zezinho makes a degree of saying that he was at all times “behind the gentle” of the Garantido behind the scenes in the cows, taking care of the infrastructure since the Nineteen Seventies, offering the sound of lights (at the moment bumbodromo Not but out there) All have their very own sources.

In 1982 he based the Associação Folclórica Boi-Bumbá Garantido to present bumbá a reputable character, donate land and improve the construction of the “curralzinho da Baixa” at the time, belonging to the daughter of the late Lindolfo Monteverde. Leave an inheritance to her husband and two kids.

“This is the story. The husband owed cash for the land to be auctioned off. I’m executed, however I don’t want it for myself. I ended it clearly as a result of I needed to protect the historical past of Garantido, the birthplace of Garantido, the birthplace of Boi Bumbá Garantido in “Xanda city right now Baixa do São José”.

In addition to this, Zezinho purchased land owned by Dona Clemílda and land owned by Simão Baladeira to extend the dimension of the city of Corral, which was already “curralzão” at the time. All three properties have been donated by Zezinho to Boi Garantido, now a authorized entity.

With nice enthusiasm, Zezinho Faria strengthened in many moments of his ardour for Boi da Baixa, exhibiting that it was a mix of love and extremism. “We gave ourselves each physique and soul and pocket to play.”

The significance of Mestre Jair to Zezinho

Remembering how Garantido organized the competition in the Nineteen Seventies and Eighties, Zezinho mentions one of Mestre Jair Mendes’ references as one of the artists most carefully related to bumbá.

“Jair closed his studio to dedicate himself fully to cattle. And we’ve got a counterpart to reduce Jair’s losses as a result of he’s additionally loopy about us for assurances. “So he’ll at all times have our respect, our friendship, our love and our recognition.”

Like this? zezinho instantly?

Zezinho Faria has at all times been somebody who works behind the scenes of Bumba Garantido, however there are songs that discuss with him as “repentance” with Áureo as a composer. And that stunned those that knew him. And jokingly, he defined the motive for the composition.

“My pal Emerson Maia (composer) went there and mentioned, ‘My pal, what is that this? You don’t deceive. ‘ And I mentioned, ‘Boy, I have no idea, ask Áureo’. He then went there and mentioned, ‘Aureo, what has Zezinho repented of?’ And he mentioned, “It’s as a result of the whole lot right here is settled instantly,” he mentioned with fun.

(Photo: Gilson Mello / Freelancer)

“Mission Success”

After Boi Garantido’s victory in 1988 at the bumbodromo inauguration, Zezinho mentioned he had gathered all his colleagues in the yard of his mom’s home and introduced his withdrawal and new elections for the month. Next. And in 1989 he really left the cow.

He actively mentioned goodbye with out coming again, and when he thought the Faria household could be away from the cows, behold, a promising younger man first appeared as “Pai Francisco” at the finish of the final decade. And right now, like Amo doing Boi. He is João Paulo Faria, son of Zezinho.

“Where did he do it?” He made his method and nobody moved the straw. Is him! He sowed and reaped. And with nice love he’ll defend that factor.

“My cow cow gave it”

In the Eighties and reporting with a cheerful look Zezinho remembers when he watched the Miss Amazonas pageant on tv the place Emília Barreto was topped. So far, there may be nothing out of the extraordinary for the parade. However, the Faria household determined to ask her to a parade in Garantido.

Incredible Zezinho doesn’t consider she is going to settle for the invitation. But she accepted and he or she appreciated the Parintina tradition, particularly the purple and white. Two years handed till 1982, it was her flip to contact the Faria household by asking for a cow parade. Zezinho instantly went to satisfy her, and after some time they “engaged” a relationship, and after some time they bought married.

“We are glad. She is from Parintina greater than Carioca. You have extra time right here than anyplace you might have ever been. “And that is what the cows gave us, so I’ve to be happy.”



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