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South Korean blockchain investment company Hashed – a major sponsor of Web3 sites that raised more than $ 320 million last year – led the investment in Apeiron, the hottest new blockchain game on the market.

Developed by Foonie Magus, the game has already raised more than $ 17 million by the end of its genes for the new non-fungible token (NFT) game Apeiron, play-to-win (P2E). The company received $ 3 million from pre-seed investments, $ 10 million from pre-investment and $ 4.5 million from NFT sales – a total of more than $ 17.5 million.

Hashed is a group of blockchain experts based in Seoul and Silicon Valley. The company has grown rapidly to become one of Asia’s largest blockchain companies and now operates $ 200 million to support potential operations. With its roots in South Korea’s adoption of new technologies, the company sees Web3 as an opportunity to “make the future of technology more humane than any other.” way. ” In 2016, Hashed invested in Axie Infinity and Sandbox, which have become two of the most successful NFT games.

Hashed has joined its support of Apeiron through venture capital firms such as DeFiance Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Spartan Group and DeFi Capital. They will work with gaming guilds GuildFi, Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia, Avocado DAO, Ancient8 and Snack Club. Everyone has chosen from their strengths and long-term vision for the Web3 community and beyond.

Apeiron is the world’s first God-themed NFT game on blockchain. Players will play as Godling – the new born gods – and use their divine powers to aid or destroy Doods, creatures that populate the Apeiron Godiverse. Players can also drive massive avatars into battle using real-time card-based combat.

Apeiron was designed to be a P2E game with a unique three-token system. Players will be able to purchase NFTs, including Power Planet, Stars and Relics, as well as receive tokens from the game which will be marketed in the market for real cryptocurrencies.

Frank Cheng, CEO of Foonie Magus and founder of Apeiron, said: “We have spent six years working on this project, and there are more than 28 developers who have dedicated more than five years to them. Life – their blood, sweat and tears – to create that special experience. training. But now, all the hard work has been realized and the dream will come true We are thrilled to see partners who share our crazy vision, and we are on our way to hell for the entire gaming industry – one that will bring back memories. for everyone to share and be together. “

With the seeds closed, Apeiron is kicking off its private and community ventures, which will see the sport’s iconic event set for late May. Foonie Magus is looking to raise an additional $ 10.7 million in our competition to prepare for its worldwide expansion in the third quarter of this year. Apeiron’s Planet NFTs are now available for purchase on the OpenSea market with a minimum price of 0.15 Ether (ETH).

About Apeiron

Apeiron is the world’s first god-themed NFT-based P2E game. It will feature unique, card-based adventure fighting games combined with god-themed simulation gameplay inspired by classic titles such as Populous and Black & White. Free. Players can create planets from above before descending to the ground as an avatar to solve the chaos of the world. They will make your world grow into a growing stagnation, so resume the world cycle from the Armageddon event to allow further advancement and a more enjoyable game. end, guild-because-environment, and guild-because-teaching activities on the level. of the alliance.

Apeiron uses a tri-token architecture, meaning there will be three different tokens to track its ecosystem: management token, P2E token, and group token token.

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