8-year-old mother Clarice is not shy about raising two disabled children – Phnom Penh

Girls with cerebral palsy like boys who still have congenital toxoplasmosis and interact

Clarice and her two adopted children. (Photo: Advertising)

Without prejudice or fear, 63-year-old housewife Clarice Maria Poncio sets a good example when it comes to love, empathy and courage. An 8-year-old mother is not shy about having two children with a disability, a boy and a girl.

Always mindful of the needs of others, Clarice says she did not consider having an extra child at the age of 40, but at the request of a neighbor, she agreed to take care of a 6-month-old baby. .

“I stayed for a while until the man and his wife were stable, then he left the woman and did not look for her again, I said. With him again that I will continue to be with him if he gives me permanently. Detention, but when she was 8 months old she was taken to the hospital with pneumonia and the doctor told me she would have serious health problems, ”he recalled.

Faced with the situation, the experts accompanying the adoptee even advised Clarice to reconsider her decision to adopt her husband because of the health conditions the family would face in the future, but the housewife said it was a real situation. The girl who keeps her going.

“At that time, the missionary gave me the option to keep or send him for adoption, but when we found out we had a stroke, Decided to stay, I have no salary, just income, my husband also has no home. “Ours,” she said when assessing that the family’s financial situation was not enough to measure effort instead of the little girl.

“When I decided to adopt a child, it was a wedding anniversary and it was a gift from God because she was born into our family today. This is our daughter, 23 years old, and we are very happy to take care of people with special needs, ”he said.

Like a mother, like a daughter With a lot of love in her heart, the housewife’s daughter is the one who accompanies her sister in the episode held at Apae (Association of Parents and Special Friends).

During trips to the center, she often returned home and told her parents about a boy who was going to the hospital for treatment and “seemed very sad”, saying she wanted to adopt him.

“The eldest son used to say that the boy was there and she was dying out of pity for him. This goes to my house, so a few days later I took him, he is 7 years old and we love each other, I like hardships and I take care He, ”she stressed proudly.

After three years of hard work in the family section with the boy, she, her husband, and their children were able to celebrate the decision in favor of another adoption, which was then for the children. The 18-year-old “brings a lot of fun” to the house he lives in. Like girls, boys also have cerebral palsy, and in addition, he fights congenital toxoplasmosis and interacts.

Empathy – “When I see people who look different from these kids, I’m angry. We have to understand that they are normal like everyone else. I think what makes our life different from theirs is love. Yes, because I was born with small problems, different lives, whoever does not have the opportunity to be happy, I will not have a perfect child, “pointed out Clarice.

Adoption Interested in adopting a disabled child, they should go to the Child, Youth and Elderly Court and look for an adoption center, and there all the requirements for admission and the history of the minor child will be met.

It should be remembered that there is coverage by SUS (Integrated Health System) for some procedures and medications so that families can maintain some care for the rest of their lives.


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