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Good morning. News-packed week is just warming up for what’s to come in the next few weeks – with Microsoft Design (May 24-26) and Apple WWDC (June 6-10). We’ve got Google, a bunch of vacuuming, big advertising, and Twitter decisions to follow (now at a new level). Enjoy reading, recommend Interfaces to your friends and see you in the next issue – Henrique.

PS: Thanks for the comments over the past week – they were great and many of them made sense for what we thought of the future of the article.

PS 2: We are 3 years old and forgot to celebrate!


Much of what Google reports on the annual Google I / O presentation makes us think that the future (albeit a bit dystopian) is pretty cool.

Although it’s preparing for the world (not to mention the crooked moments of the metaverse) with a lot of reality – now in real time, not years ago with Google Glass not true – or with mirror patterns that translate the words into real. time (it is a period where presentation technology can not be provided want to cry).

Or even when editing maps of some of the world’s capitals and allowing access to public (!) Places, one of the “oooooh” moments of significance.

But it all has to do with the non-new concept that Google calls “ambient computing”. It is the Nest Hub with the screen that acknowledges you and responds to commands without having to say “OK Google” or all the hardware presented at the event.

Nothing sells, but almost everything at a price, from a smartwatch to a headset, from a mid-range to high-end smartphone. Everything Apple already does with its mix of devices and software, without the ambient name of computing and running Android 13.

There is even promise for betting on tablets, including software upgrades (after all, foldable smartphones are tablets) and previous generations of hope with future announcements. ahead of 2023 on tablets by Google. The tablet has not yet come out, not good, but it was once considered ugly.

I remember the Nexus 7 (the one that sparked the battle between Asus and Google in Brazil and only happened as a result of the fire of the existing product market, but that’s another story). people).

Expectations: Cool hardware from Google. The truth for Brazilians: almost nothing (Google / Share)

Hello, IPOD

My first iPod was a 1st generation shuffle, one that looked like a large flash drive. Then I also had a couple of iPod nanos (models with video, of course), another challenge of people having a clip to attach to my pocket and I ended up stuffing with the iPod touch ( do not ask for generations) who are with me. much until smartphones came into place.

Now, almost 21 years after the first iPod, the product market – which is not widely understood today – comes down the line in design, with media reports announcing that the model will end up being sold until the product is marketed.

There is a gadget that is changing the world and that we are nostalgic about (wait for the little iPod blanket, since the Mac OS Finder is already there).

First iPod: changing the history of music and Apple (Apple / Handout)

From here

An iPhone with a USB-C connector? That’s what Dinah’s parent industry analysts say will happen in 2023. Or just prepare for the European Union’s proposal to standardize chargers from all manufacturers.


But if you, dear reader, have the money to buy the recently announced top-of-the-line Xiaomi 12, you may choose which one: the boss, for R $ 9,500 (expensive over 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro), or directly import into sites always recommended by youtubers, for R $ 3,500?

Our theory of integration like, which has been through groups and discussions between journalists and stakeholders, is that for the matrix it does not matter – only sales , regardless of where the money comes from.

In time: next week realme announces its flagship GT2 Pro, with excellent specifications. Is it expensive?


That 5G, already delayed, will be more delayed for broadcasts in Brazilian cities?


Motorola is preparing a new version of the razr with the folding screen – the first product, launched and run by Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip – never got the value it deserves. We hope for better products.

And also rumors / leaks indicate that Motorola is operating on a cell phone. Visit.


The second semester is coming and rumors are now circulating about Samsung’s foldables starting – there is already Samsung Display itself showing the usable and leaked capabilities of the Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4.

Foldable, but now looks like Galaxy S22 Ultra (OnLeaks / Playback)


  • Optimus Prime in Lego that has transformed into a truck – even manually. On sale from June for $ 170.
  • Sony has announced the ($ 400) WH-1000XM5 headphone jack, a new addition to one of its best noise-canceling models.
  • For those who like to fly kite to the rich, DJI has announced the new portable model, the Mini 3 Pro.
  • Asus announced (outside) a bunch of new books, including others with two screens and colorful prints with excellent design.
Asus launches should arrive in Brazil expensive – but who will? (Asus / Share)


After several months of waiting, Amazon has started the app Echo Show 15, Alexa hung on the wall. We really liked it (it was the first Echo with the screen that we found to be effective) and the review was on the way.


Lenovo now allows Brazilian customers offset carbon in the design of the ThinkPad, Legion and Yoga line – but the service is only available if you purchase a new PC from the web site. We want to know if this type of order means a purchase or if it is just a pity.


First we convert from vinyls to CDs, then to MP3s and then to vinyl again. Now it’s time for a change:… CD-Vinyl (!) Is coming. It sounds strange, but it promises a very good sound quality.



The availability of Netflix with cheaper plans with streaming only makes us think that the integration of streaming will start to happen soon. Netflix, until then the darling of critics and viewers, had become a “joke”. Argh.

MASHUPS only available in 2022

Dolly Parton and Doja Cat are on Taco Bell Mexican pizza ad / music made on TikTok. It is very large. It is also noteworthy that the traditional horse race – the Kentucky derby – is almost ⅓ by the audience from TikTok.


This week, Elon Musk said so Trump can come back, because this is possible.

It also creates a false controversy about the app use straws – is a roulette wheel randomness which rotates around the man’s head. It looks like you saw Twitter yesterday – but this is 2022, not 2011, where the better naivete gets.

There is now the probable that a change will not occur: second Musk, the purchase was canceled and today (13) the product is already in free fall. Jokes, as always, it is free.

The excuse for the delay is that the number of counterfeits on the platform is checked. As of yesterday (12), Twitter market value has fallen by US $ 9 billion since the announcement of the purchase and the head of Twitter has started to roll.

On the other hand, it is worth reading the profile of the guy who takes care of the Musk family’s finances.


Errr, there is a clone / depth of Elon Musk in China. Not even the first know if it is real or uproar – we bet on the uproar.

Magic across the board

Facebook, I mean Meta, spent millions on a project to clean or block Mark Zuckerberg’s photos. Kind of late for that, right? Well, if Bill Gates could …


Zuckerberg, do not miss Google’s news cycle this week, was also introduced ahead of Facebook’s virtual reality headset, I mean Meta.

He bet on innovation, rated 100 for improvisation, but hit the h * ladder with censored parts of the image so as not to show the material in the video.


The first allegations against Russian hackers have been made in The Hague court for cybercrimes against people in the Ukraine war.


People who send unwanted photos via AirDrop on an airplane.


The FDA (they Anvisa) says “information is not being spread everywhere” is the cause of death in the country. Everything on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok…


I do not like the idea

The CEO of PlayStation has decided to discuss abortion and outraged the staff.


The PlayStation5’s numbers are still strong and robust, despite low prices and a turbulent world. 19.3 million units were sold.


On Reddit, videos of the incident were made using Unreal Engine 5 and that seems to have come out of reality (or some of the worst nightmares).


Enemy Better presents Rogue Snail, a Brazilian studio that has partnered with Netflix and is the best.


One of the best games of 2021 has come out on the heads and hands of Brazilian producers: learning about the story of Unsighted and Studio Pixel Punk.

Me, myself and ESPN

Technology training and simple planning made Joe McEnroe bring himself into the ESPN + special.


According to the BBC, the endless search for endorphins makes us squeeze too much and buy what we do not want in a small search, immediately satisfied, and that is not cool.


At NYT, products and accessories from the Ruptura series, from Apple TV + (we have not seen it, it’s in line – we decided to explore Westworld before the new season that begins the Six Hli 26).


On the Verge, like layoffs on Netflix’s Tudum website.


At InputMag, memes in NFT can connect to themselves, the fascists.


At Polygon, an experiment by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that became a favorite on Twitch, Youtube and TikTok.


Remember that El Salvador got Bitcoin as its profit and all? Thus, it does not happen and the country, which is now suffering from cryptocurrency decline, may not fulfill its obligations and go into default – that is, become a international default.


Scott Galloway, guru of common sense, says the worth of Web 3.0.


The IT industry in Brazil and around the world continues to warm up – and g1 has become a temporary process to start working with it.

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