5 tips to love your body and not stick to the model

The hottest summer of the year is coming and it is accompanied by “Summer project“- A woman’s quest for a perfect body.” However, being able to make yourself out of a pattern may not be simple, but here are some tips to help you get started on your own. See information from “Women’s Health” magazine.

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Love your body today

You must first realize that nothing is perfect. Often photos in Social media Exhibition False bodies With over-editing, the choice of angles, makeup, and placement under the light is a suit that eliminates “imperfections.” So comparing yourself to what you see on the screen is unfair to you and your background.

Avoiding too much hatred and demanding on your body is the basis of Love yourself. In addition, these feelings will not be able to change the result, they will make more inconvenience and make your process difficult.

Being good today is the first step, including wanting to change something about it in the future. Give him acceptance, understanding and love regardless of “imperfections.”

Choose your favorite section

Look carefully in the mirror and find your favorite part of your life. Body – Can be anyone. After that, focus on that area and start enjoying yourself every day, praising yourself. Taking care of what you like about your current body is a great way to satisfy your beauty and as a result engage in self-acceptance.

Be honest with your feelings.

Practice can be simple, but building positive thoughts about your body can be a slow process that requires patience and perseverance. So do not lie to yourself by saying that everything is fine or that you get everything if this is not the case Of course.

It is more powerful to find statements or ideas that you truly believe in, such as “I am learning to love my body” or “I am on my way to love my body and I appreciate what it does for me.” Every day. ”These conscious and truthful affirmations can help you in this process because honesty makes you faint, receive these messages and start looking for more details that satisfy you.

Delete what hurts you

If your social network is created by influencers with a “standard” “perfect” body and a successful life, then it can act as a motivator and nurture your sense of guilt, accusation and comparison. That is, they do not contribute to your process, so the best thing to do is delete what you do. Change these profiles for people you know.

Be kind to yourself

To balance the destruction of the pattern goes beyond Aesthetics. You need to work together physically, mentally and emotionally.

Remember that the body will go through many changes over the years, so instead of struggling with yourself, understand that life is more than just the size of your clothes or the texture of your hair. Appreciate your virtues, give yourself love and forgive yourself for the way you have treated your body, be grateful to have it and take care of it.

When you learn to love yourself for who you really are, the effect will be positive in every way.

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