5 financial lessons to keep couples out of trouble

  • In the Picolé de Limão paintings, cases of embarrassment and confusion enter the scene, and in many of them the combination of passion and finances are the main causes of these conflicts.
  • E-Investidor has invited 5 financial educators to listen to the board session and based on these stories show some lessons to prevent you from turning a couple financially into a real Lemon Popsicle.
  • In the voice of psychologist and presenter Andréia Freitas – a Deia – the show has already reached about 820,000 listeners, according to data from the live podcast.

The Não Unviable podcast reveals true stories of love, confusion, confusion and even fear. In the voice of psychologist and presenter Andréia Freitas, Déia, the show has reached about 820,000 listeners, according to data from the live podcast. In his most famous paintings, the Lemon Popsicle, embarrassment and confusion enter the scene, and in many of them the combination of passion and finances is the main reason. Of these conflicts.

On this Valentine’s Day Electronic Investor Invited five financial educators to listen to the board session and based on these stories show some lessons so that the couple’s finances do not become a real Lemon Popsicle.

1. Need to find the limit between the couple’s property and their personal property (Stable Union)

União Stable tells the story of Viviane and Gustavo, a couple who even met during financial studies. At the age of 37, he lived with his mother and studied but had no income. She is 30 years old, works and lives in a rented house.

Gustavo even has a job opportunity, but he always thinks of the vacancies below his resume. When his mother died, he inherited a house, chose to sell it, and went to live in an apartment that even allowed him to wash his clothes. Excessive spending saves money from selling the house. Faced with this situation, Viviane called Gustavo to live in her apartment until he got a job.

Four years later, Gustavo could not find work and spent a day watching the drama on a closed television channel. Worse, he did not help take care of the house. During this time, Vivian keeps both your expenses and the house in check. With what she saved, she bought land and a car for her father to use as a driver.

When the situation became unbearable, Viviane asked to end the relationship. Gustavo then hired a lawyer to fight in court to claim the property she acquired during their time together. The results of this legal hurdle have not been disclosed.

For psychologists, financial educators and essay writers for Electronic Investor Ana Paula Hornos This story provides important lessons. According to her, if on the one hand was provided by his mother financially and in all the care of the house provided Gustavo comfort, on the contrary, he did not develop autonomy and ability to achieve. But then comes Viviane, who replaces her mother for keeping Gustavo in the same attitude, explains the psychologist and financial educator.

“Viviane went beyond the clear limits of her personal wealth by giving her an extra card to her CPF, allowing for expenses that did not fit her budget and without protecting her assets,” Hornos says. .

She says although sad, the situation is very normal. The psychologist and financial educator added, “In this case, the problem is not the absence of financial knowledge because the couple is from the area, but a reflection of the dysfunction of behavior.”

2. Prioritize co-spending (time)

In Time episode, Helesin and her husband are planning the arrival of a small baby. They divided the expenses as follows: The two used a joint account to pay the family bills and the expenses of the unborn baby, but apparently she was the second person in charge.

Due to superstition, Helenis left to buy a crib, a beautiful bed, which she spent several days dating only last month. For this, she always invests in a joint account, which is the savings for this purchase. But on the day of entering the store, the money left behind also disappeared.

“No, love is not lost. I used the money to buy our futsal team uniforms because all the other blogs had uniforms and we did not hear, and since this team is mine, I bought it with my own money, ”Helenice’s husband proved right. “You can buy a cheaper bed.”

According to psychologist Márcia Tolloti, a financial counselor, her husband’s financial and psychological immaturity can be seen. Helenis, on the other hand, is an example of a healthy financial life. She already owns an apartment, pays for it, and knows how to plan.

However, it is often difficult to weigh these differences. “The big lesson is that a couple must be clear if they are aligned in their priorities, and from the beginning it was clear there was no such joint option,” Tolloti says.

“You could say he is immature. He rode the bike in the house, finished the championship and spent a year without No deposit to buy a crib. Why did Helenice accept this? And I’m still watching her ‘play a game with her friend?’ “Psychologists are not happy. According to her, when the interest gap is large, the ideal is to split money or accumulated wealth.

3. Be careful with your credit card (Sandrinho)

Carlos met Sandrinho at the gym. With little time, they started dating and Sandrinho liked to surprise his partner to please him. There were only two problems with the surprise: he never helped clean up the mess after that, and the expenses went to the credit card on behalf of Carlos, but the unruly Sandrinho took over for a few months.

On Carlos Sandrinho’s birthday he prepared a surprise at a French restaurant. About 20 people arrived there, but most of the birthday boys were unknown. When the card bill arrives, surprise: The party costs R $ 8,000 and Sandrinho is missing.

Daniela Mir Gelamo, CFP Financial Planner for the Brazilian Financial Planning Association (Planejar) makes it clear: Credit cards should not be shared. “In the extreme case of this need, do this only if you really know the person, that is, you know where they live, know their family or friends,” says Gelamo.

In addition, she says, it is necessary for people to find their own way to manage expenses. Card. Some guidelines include setting a card limit on the maximum number of invoices, regularly reviewing the total invoices, and configuring messaging when making a purchase.

“For this type of use that requires more control (when other people can use the card) it is better to choose a prepaid card – where you put the balance on the card and you can pay But what’s out there ”shows the planner’s finances.

4. It is important to be transparent in the distribution of accounts (carts)

Carrinhos tells the story of Marta and her husband. After their daughter was born with respiratory problems, they experienced a financial crisis. Because of his low income, he took out family bills and baby health insurance. Money is “on the fence.”

Until one day, Marta had to call a technician at her home to fix a computer problem. The boys enjoy a wheelchair collection from Marta’s husband. “There are some top carts out there,” the technician said.

Importantly, during the conversation, he said that there was a cart worth R1,000. Not understanding how her husband could buy a toy at that price, she began searching for bills. Also found that he actually earned more than her.

“Cost allocation is very important. But what is more relevant is the alignment of the couple’s expectations. Fabio Louzada, an economist, CNPI analyst and founder and CEO of Eu Me Banco, says you have to understand that the two must line up in the same direction to become partners.

According to him, it is necessary for the couple to understand the priorities and the session reveals a breach of trust. “In order not to fall into this situation, the ideal is to have a transparent conversation and know that the two couples play the same team,” Louzada says.

5. Do not put a lot of money into your account that you know in a short time (My Treasure)

In Meu Tesouro Adriana falls in love with a woman and after three months of dating they start talking about living together .

The girl told Adriana that she worked in a bank and persuaded her to use some of her savings to invest in Treasury Direct. Instead of Adriana searching for a financial institution, she deposited money in her partner account, which in magic steps disappeared.

According to Eduardo Reis Filho, អ្នកឯកទេសgora Investimentos’s financial education and investment specialist, all transactions in the financial markets must be contractual in the account corresponding to the operator.

“In the case of the purchase of public bonds, the investor has to open an account with a broker and the amount is transferred to the investor’s secondary account. Only investors or proxies are allowed to transact, ”the specialist said.

According to him, in financial education it is not advisable to borrow money from relatives or friends. “It’s a topic that shakes any relationship,” he said.

The full episode can be viewed on the Não Inviabilize channel on Spotify or on the website. Therefore, you do not end up hearing “Ê so-and-so” from Deia, it is important to follow the advice of experts.

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