5 Best NFT Games to Win and Invest in 2022

NFT games are constantly making their way into our digital gaming media. They are not only good for fun, but also a new way for players to earn good money. Knowing the needs of the gaming industry, there are some important names that need to be taken care of by studios around the world. Let us take a look at the top 5 NFT sports that we think can show their potential in 2022 and how sports can get a fantastic standard today.

5 Best NFT Games to Win and Invest in 2022

The following are some of the five best new NFT projects set up to hold the status quo of the gaming industry:

– Axie Infinity: The first premium title in NFT games
– The Sandbox: Minecraft-inspired NFT game
– Planting Exodus: The next turn-based RPG game with great potential
– DeFi Kingdom: NFT game for Harvest Moon lovers
– God Unchained: F2P NFT Card Game

1 – Axie Infinity

NFT Games was famous with Axie Infinity. These monster crafting RPGs prove that NFT games can be complete, rewarding, and most importantly, fun. The idea is simple: breed Axie and breed him to create a generation of animals with your family character. Axies can be written and traded in-game or on the NFT market, with minorities receiving high prices.

Quest, PvP, and Adventure are one of the default game modes; Everyone earns Smooth Love Potion (SLP), a multiplayer game, which is used to pay for the creation of new Axies. Axie Infinity is a ‘normal’ game in many ways, like Pokemon or Digimon.

However, as your Axies keep on the blockchain, their rarity and value can be used to earn real money. NFT sports are famous for their games to get standards, which can be beneficial when profits increase, but not so much when prices fall. To protect its business presence, Axie Infinity now includes free game consoles like Elder Scrolls Online, which users can join at no cost. , but the improvement of their Axies is limited.

2 – The Sandbox

Sandbox is one of NFT’s most popular games, even though it is more of a platform design than a game. Think of the Sandbox as Minecraft or Roblox with NFT technology, where you can play and create games and themes. Only at Sandbox can you have your designs and you can sell and exchange them using a home sand token.

The game mode is the flip side of the Sandbox, where you can create your own world by adding games and activities and creating metaverse features in the Sandbox. You can play, explore other people’s worlds and import content into your own. The LAND token controls this and also allows players to vote for new features, tools, and directions on the Sandbox.

Sandbox’s Voxel skin is usable and reminiscent of Minecraft, but there are many more things you can do with it – and you manage it. It’s interesting to see how players mix stories with those of other users to create huge swathes of colorful, blocky countries. Big companies like AMC’s The Walking Dead are merging and appearing on The Sandbox, much like Fortnite.

3 – Plant the Exodus

The third part of the list will be Plant Exodus, the new turn-based RPG title coming to your NFT list soon! Plant Exodus is one of the best examples of turn-based combination with RPG style, launched in April 2022 with $ PEXO. Here, players will manage thousands of different crops in this game as they seek freedom and wealth. The game’s beautiful introduction and overall design provide a good gaming experience, while the game has developed a well-established business base on the game-to-win design associated with the game, allows players to get healthy in real time.

Planting the Exodus mission aims to connect the real world with a variety of technology applications such as NFT real-time trading using the $ PEXO – BEP-20 management token or an initial development for developing NFTs, allowing players to interact more closely. with your treasure chest and gacha box, plus make sure the variety of your assets. The game will create a virtual replica of a real environment in which everything is connected, allowing players to explore, connect and jump into the Plant Exodus Metaverse using their Existing NFTs

Learn more about Plant Exodus:

The Website | twitter | Telegram | Medium | conflict

4 – DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is one of the first games to use the real value of NFTs and integrate it with classic fantasy pixel graphics, according to Harmony, a security blockchain. This game has the look of a 90s SNES RPG or modern indie, like Harvest Moon.

DeFi Kingdoms combines the basic functionality of NFTs with classic gaming models to show that they can be used in games. DeFi Kingdoms can be played like an old school RPG, including quests for XP and other items, in-game controls, and hero upgrades. However, in DeFi Kingdoms, it collects JEWEL tokens, which can be exchanged for the Harmony One cryptocurrency.

5 – God has no love

Previous Magic: Puzzle Director Chris Clay is the leader of the Gods Unchained, so it’s no surprise that this free-to-play NFT card weapon game has many features. Similar to Wizards of the Coast’s hit tabletop version.

The mission, similar to MtG Arena, is to battle other players with card and card combinations. Each card has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses that need to be understood and used. It is a well developed game that good players can win, and the value of your hand is not the most important factor.

Unchained Gods thrives on freebies, rewards for talent, and participation in new games. The card can be purchased and exchanged for real money on the Immutable X cryptocurrency market, including in-game with GODS tokens. GODS tokens can also be used to merge and upgrade cards to create new rare ones, as well as to purchase packets.

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