3 Cryptocurrency market trends

Do you know what is the cryptocurrency market that could be most promising in the year? Today I brought some sections of the crypto world, such as Metaverse, Web 3.0 and Social Tokens, so you can stay on top of all preferences.

By 2021, more than 300 million people will already be using cryptocurrencies, which is huge, but it is just the beginning. Cryptocurrency is the fastest technology in human history. Compared to what we know, the level of online adoption was over 63% annually between 1990 and 2000.

Cryptocurrency adoption growth rate is + 113%, so at this speed, we will reach millions of users in 2022. What? Demonstrate technology blockchain is more in the user day to day than he thinks. I will now present 3 sections that I think have an impact on the market.

  • metaverse
  • Web 3.0
  • Social Token

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The first different cryptocurrency market I want to present is Metaverse. And when I say Metaverse, I also include NFT and Gaming. There are many different brands that create their images in Metaverse. For example, Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and Vans. There are many domain names ready to use in your day to day wish to have their place in the Metaverse, and come to understand why.

Logisticically, it is as easy as having clothes. It allows them to have a great reputation for the next generation of young people who will spend more time in the Metaverse.

Many luxury brands like Metaverse, and brands like Chipotle in the restaurant industry have already invested in Metaverse. Most folks still have no idea how to invest in Metaverse, but they all want to do it.

I believe the next great time Instagram, or the next TikTok, will be the game. blockchain in a decentralized Metaverse. Why? Simply because the previous experience in Metaverse will be more and more realistic than life, and ultimately, the new generation will not want to spend hours on their phone scrolling through TikTok or Instagram.

However, they may want to delve into the world to see their friends and ultimately have the same use that we have today in the media, but in the Metaverse. I also believe that big companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) or Ubisoft will be monitored by the government and will fight to develop their cryptocurrencies, as we saw in the case of Facebook.

Their hardware company, as we see with Facebook that makes VR glasses. It would be operations like Sandbox or Decentraland that would affect the entire Metaverse software side.

And here is a small diagram that shows us the changes in the time spent in the media from 2002 to 2019.

Here is the second picture, which shows us the average time spent on a week of movies by country.

And as we know, Metaverse will become social and will eventually be a mix of video games and conversations. People can spend a lot of time on this next year. It can be dangerous. I know it can be hard to say “Let us spend our time in virtual”but I think in terms of technology it is something revolutionary.

2- Web 3.0

The second difference in the cryptocurrency industry is decentralization. To understand what a classification is, I want to go back to the comparison of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

web 2.0

Web 2.0 is an internet platform operated by companies that provide data protection services to us, for example Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. Finally, we are a bit of a product of these companies, and we provide data using their services.

Web 3.0

Already in Web 3.0, there is a distributed application called Daaps, which works inside blockchain like Ethereum. A Daaps or a decentralized app would be like Facebook, but it would not exist and use our data.

It is a way to eventually become the owner of our data, and decentralization allows both.

The first is to have a non-competitive network. In Web 2.0, data storage is central, which means that there is a large server in the repository where all the data is stored, and on the day that the storage is lost, it’s scary.

In Web 3.0, servers are decentralized. This means all blockchain the data is stored on nodes, then on multiple servers around the world, and if one of them fails, there are still thousands of copies of the data on their nodes at their servers. And that makes Web 3.0 very powerful for all sorts of attacks.

The second theme that decentralization allows is the fight against censorship.

In 2017, for example, Turkey cut off access to Wikipedia, and the Turks could not access the page information, which was stored on the central server. IPFS, a decentralized version of the Internet, allows Turks to regain access to Wikipedia thanks to decentralization.

Source: Twitter Turkey Blocks

3- Social tokens

Finally, the latest cryptocurrency market model is social tokens, which have remained and will play a greater role in the cryptocurrency world, NFT and Metaverse.

Social tokens will allow content creators, so they can be the artist, the writer, the streamer, ultimately changing the value of the content from the base platforms. such as YouTube, for example, to social media. So, finally take back control and ownership of all your content.

Thus, thanks to social tokens, developers can get involved in social, and fans of their creators of online content nem have a new way. to interfere with the design.

And the two largest social token projects, but still minimal compared to the rest of the activities in the cryptocurrency market are:

  • Rally. So Rally.io
  • FWB so “’Friends with Benefits. »

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