1st ArtSampa presentation with NFTs and Metaverse Agency holograms

By 2022, the calendar of the art capital of Latin America will receive a new revelation that has already been born with the confidence of more than 11 years of experience, success and recognition. Including the design and assembly team of ArtRio, the first edition of ArtSampa, from March 16th to 20th, will be available at the OCA, a project by Oscar Niemeyer in Ibirapuera Park, in the middle at Burle Marx Gardens and bet on new and old ideas. specially designed for justice.

Following the launch of the first crypto-art facility in the 11th edition of ArtRio, the Metaverse Agency, a Brazilian gallery focused on art, will feature ArtSampa works by 11 well-known artists in nationally and internationally, in which the sharing of past experiences with the presentation of NFTs, augmented reality, projections and holography.

Among those selected were Rejane Cantoni, an international application in the arts and technology, the founder of the first Brazilian NFT installation; Alexandre Rangel and Paula Klien, as well as animated films; Alexandre Murucci, sculptor, award-winning design and art director; Beto Gatti, who mixes painting with photography; Anaisa Franco, master in digital art and technology; Suzete Venturelli, professor, artist and computer scientist; Fabio Ema, the first Brazilian graffiti artist to release works of crypto art.

FLORAS – Rejane Cantoni – Metaverse Agency (002)

In the comics segment, representatives of The Metaverse Office are world-renowned actors Mike Deodato and Luke Ross.

Among the guests, Brazil’s first filmmaker, Ruth Slinger, who will also be joining the film industry, has always included MIRA, filmmaker and artist Maritza Caneca and French digital artist Parse / error.

With just over a year of existence, the Metaverse Agency is responsible for that The first crypto-art of the 11th edition of ArtRio, in addition to the material released by the artist Monica Rizzolli of Artblocks, where she works, “Fragmentos de um Campo Infinito”, was sold for around R $ 30 million in 32 minutes. The organization has already announced NFTs of Brazilian medalists participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; supporting the collaboration of famous Carlos Vergara and artist Alexandre Rangel; participates in the Hamptons Fine Art Fair 2021, in Southampton / New York; developed by Rejane Cantoni of CCBB / RJ, in addition to the release of works by its organization of key international platforms.

Byron Mendes, CEO of Metaverse, recently opened, in partnership with Steffen Daueslberg, by Dellarte, MetaMundi, Metaverse Solutions Agency specializes in Metaverses (virtual worlds), through meta-architecture and design services, project management, office, digital real state and technological solutions, such as virtual reality 3D modeling and Metaverse The Academy, in partnership with Paulo Pinto, a training company in the field of blockchains, NFTs and metaverses in Brazil, provides specialized services, training and group classes, training for companies and board meetings, in addition to online courses.

ArtSampa will be in a hybrid format, with the presence of space and facilities on the digital platform and the transmission of lectures. The MIRA program, dedicated to video art, is accredited in São Paulo. Estimates will be held daily in the dome of the OCA, as well as the location of the mezzanine venue for the public.

ArtSampa 2022 is presented by the Instituto Cultural Vale and sponsored by Aliansce Sonae, Movida and Ala Master, and Tivoli Hotels & Resorts will be the host hotel for the event.

#hmoob 2022


  • Date: March 17 to 20th (Thursday through Sunday)
  • Preview – March 16 (Wednesday)
  • ONLINE ticket sales
  • Tickets: R $ 50 / R $ 25 When purchasing tickets, the date and time of the visit must be scheduled.

OCA is located on Parque Ibirapuera – Real Estate. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s / nº – Gate 3 – Vila Mariana, São Paulo, São Paulo

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