11 hospital staff pregnant at the same time; See

Ten nurses and doctors at a hospital in Missouri (USA) were pregnant at the same time, unplanned for her. An unusual situation occurs inside Liberty Hospital and reported by the American newspaper Good Morning America.

“Many nurses say they will not drink [daqui]”, says Hannah Miller, 29, joking that water can contain certain substances that can cause pregnancy in women.” A nurse brought her a bottle of water for the night. . “

Among the pregnant women was physician Anna Gorman, who was awaiting the arrival of her second child. “I think so [algo] Especially really because we all live in the same house, “said the gynecologist” It really happened, but he was very happy when he was very big. “

Most antenatal care is provided by a Clinic Container. Alex Atcheson, 29, who works in the field, says workers work together because of the experience of being pregnant at the same time. “This is a wonderful experience and it is something that I think may bring us together forever,” he said. “It’s great to have one to support and get through the pregnancy together.”

The nurse was expecting her third child and found out she was as pregnant as her co-worker with Alison Harrell, 30. “Alex and I knew very early that we had to have a baby on the same day. we started. made a list of all the pregnant women., which continued for a while, “she said. They are 37 weeks old and will be gone in the next few weeks. The next child is caregiver Katie Bestgen, who will be paid in July.

The last person to join the pregnancy list was Christen Burns, 26. “I think it was great to add myself to the team and have everyone there with me,” she said. said, who wants his first child. He also said that the team was “helping” very well because of the information shared between them. “It’s great to have people around me going through the same process.”

Therese Byrum, 27, said that at least two pregnant women were working together at the same time recently and it was common for all pregnant women to work the same way. yam. The midwife, who was already one of our mothers, would be the last born worker. The fourth child will arrive in November.

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